Diane Kyea Beideck
Earl "Duke" Beideck


Tamara Phillips (1972-2008)
Payton Ressigue (1993)
Justin Ressigue (1998)
Samantha Phillips (2001)

Sherri Phillips Streb (1973)
Ryan (1996)
Charlie Streb (2005)

Harold J Phillips IV (1976)
Madison Phillips
Leah Philips

Four generations: Leola Green
Diane Kyea, Zetta Porter
Marjorie Kyea - 1953

Lil' "Diney"

1971 graduation from High School

Tammy & Sherri

Harold J Phillps IV (Buddy)

Sherri & Tammy

Sherri 1989


John L Green Sr - Leola Green
Floyd B Kyea - Martha Kyea - Marjorie Kyea - John F Green
David Kyea - Diane Kyea - 1957

Nursing School - Syracuse, NY
trained as a nurse, Marjorie spent the majority of her time as mother, homemaker and grandmother.


Wedding Day - Floyd B Kyea - 1947
Floyd is from Ausable Forks, NY, worked at Eastman Kodak
in Rochester, NY and taught at Rochester Business Institute.

Marjorie Green Kyea
Floyd B Kyea

John L Green (1896-1960)
Leola King Green (1898-1989)
of Scotia, NY

David Kyea (1950)
Diane Kyea Beideck (1953)
Martha Caille* (1957)
Cheryl Kyea Fair ( 1961)
Jeffrey Caille* (1964)

* Martha & Jeff reverted to
the French spelling of the family

with Dad John L Green Sr.
C. 1927

with Dad - John L Green Sr.

Marjorie - Floyd - Martha
Diane - David

Leola Green - John L Green Sr.
John L Green Jr - Marjorie Green

on the back porch in Scotia

David Kyea
Leilani (Lani) Lou Heath Kyea

Lance Heath
Amy Heath 9 (?-2010)
nephew of Lani - raised as a son
both killed in a motorcycle
accident in CA 2010

Lance's children:
Wyatt & Garrett Heath

Dave & Lani wedding 1975

Deputy Dave - Taos, NM

"you lookin' at me?"

Lani Kyea & friend

playin' the guitar on the porch in Clayton NM - 2011


Martha Caille


Fabiano Franciosa (1981)
Liana Franciosa
Schwind (1987)
Layla Castillo (2007)
Sander Schwind (2011)

getting a bath at Fern Lake camp by Grandma Kyea

Diane Martha, Mom, Dave

Gram Green, Fabiano, Martha, & Uncle Jack

with Lani in New Mexico

in Carlsbad, CA 2011


Jeffrey Caille
Cherie Siner Caille

no children

Marjorie (mom), Jeffrey, Floyd (dad) & Leola (grandma)

with Brother David
(the fella in the chair)

"quit leanin' on me"
cousin Johnny (John F Green)

Jeff & Cherie wedding day 1989






Cheryl Kyea Fair
Doug Fair

Rachael Hecker Ylovchan (1984)
Caden Ylovchan
Jose Mora
Mary Lampl
John Lampl

four generations: Leola, Rachael, Marjorie, Cheryl.

Cheryl 2011


John L Green Sr & Diane Kyea c. 1960

with brother "Jack" (John L Green Jr.)
and Mom - (Leola Green)