Wendy Reiff Green.

Born in Cleveland, OH in 1955.

Lived briefly in Florida.
Moved back to Cleveland. Then moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1987

Worked in the dental field for many years.

Was also an in-home caregiver for older couples for several years.

Since then has been a gold and silver coin broker for Patriot Trading Group since 1998.


Father: Ted Reiff
Mother Leona Reiff


Marc Reiff
Debby Reiff Greenberg
Bonnie Reiff Fishel

Married John F Green 2011

Her volunteer passion in recent years has been helping various organizations like Arizona Small Dog Rescue place homeless dogs.

With her dad Ted Reiff


Wendy has met a lot of celebrities!
Below are just some:
Billy Joel, Alice Cooper and Mohammed Ali.


front row far right

from the "Reiff Report" published by her dad

1975 Bonnie, Wendy, Debby and Marc

BACK: Ted, Leona and Marc
FRONT: Bonnie, Wendy & Debby

Marc, Debby, Wendy & Bonnie 1979

Marc, Debby, Wendy, Bonnie 2014

In Carlsbad, CA 2012 with John

Debby, Marci & Wendy

with niece Marci and her daughter Lily

Wendy, Lorrie, Karen, Lori - 2015

at the family cabin in Ash Fork, AZ







with brother Marc

age 17

Jerome, AZ 2011

Prescott. AZ - 2011

feeding baby Lily

and with baby Alaya Hill

Wendy with her very first friend Bobbi Eggers at their High School class reunion in 2013.


Feeding the crew 2016-
Ashley, Charlie, Haley, Lola, Clayton and Dee Dee

surrounded by doggies on the couch!

Wendy loves car trips! - Above from top to bottom:
1. The Ecklund Hotel - Claytonn, NM
2. The El Rancho Hotel - Gallup, NM
3. Monument Valeey, UT