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with his new bride Leola King Green -1922

Having a car during the depression
was a big deal.

with grandaughter Diane Kyea - c. 1958


John L Green Sr. (1896-1960)
Leola King Green (1898-1989)

John F Green
& Ida Barthold Green

Marjorie Green Kyea (1924-1995)
John L Green Jr. (1928-2011)

Born in McMichaels, PA. After WW I moved to Cleveland, OH and owned a small printing company adjacent to the S.S. Kresge store. Met and married Leola King in 1922. Took a job with S.S. Kresge in 1919 and was transfered first ro Brockton and then Fitchburg, MA. Was promoted to store manager and transfered to the store in Schenectady, NY in 1924 where he stayed until his retirement in 1956. Struggled for a long time with undiagnosed ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and passed away in 1960.

By all contemporary accounts, a hard working and driven store manager. Because of this the family did comparatively well during the great depression and was one of the few families that owned a car!

His main passion outside of work was fishing. Wherever his travels took him he "dropped his line." For a long time he held the record catch in Collins Lake in Scotia.

The Green home at 105 3rd St., Scotia, NY

John L Green - Cleveland, OH 1921

The catch of the day!

Marjorie Green Kyea, John L Green Sr. - John L Green Jr.
c. 1930

with little daughter Marjorie
c. 1926

With daughter Marjorie on the back steps. He loved his pipes.


John L Green (back row 2nd from left) circa 1919 at S.S. Kresge store #19 - Cleveland, OH.
His first year with Kresge, (later known as K-Mart) he retired in 1956.
He got the position with the help of his cousin Martin Luther Kresge.