This page is for the benefit of those people who haven't been back to Guilderland in a while. Most of these are from 2015.

This site is for the benefit of those who still fondly remember those days and their children who may have heard many a story of those times.

Currently this is ONLY a beginning and ALL contributions are welcome as long as they fit the general theme of the site.

Please e-mail any comments, photos, captions, corrections
or questions to:

John Green
GCHS class of 1971
Town resident from

Vicki Meade
GCHS class of 1971







































Guilderland today

Where Central Market used to be.

Thatcher Park

KcKownville Methodist Church - note the solar panels!


NOTE: For those of you who still live in town submissions are very welcome!







Former Guilderland town hall

Greulich's Market getting a re-do to become a bakery.

The Rock at GCHS - and Vicki Meade who took many of
these photos in 2015


..and more to be
added to the list!